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Introduction to programming using Python



5 half days

NB: Be sure to reserve some hours for homework for each course session, especially if you have little programming experience.


those who need an introduction to computer programming;
those who want to learn programming in Python



Course fee Enrollment

Students and PhD students: € 50
UG, UMCG, Hanze: € 225
External: € 525

Course dates and enrollment

Contact: CIT secretariat (050 - 36 39200)

Computer programming is not only fun, but it also stimulates a way of thinking that is useful, especially in sciences. As Python is currently the most popular programming language, it makes sense to base an introduction into computer programming on this language.
During this course, Python is run in a Windows environment, but Python and its tools run equally well on Mac and Linux.
All Python tools used in the course are freely available in the public domain.


  • Using the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Variables, data types (e.g. int, float, string, boolean)
  • Sequences (e.g. list, tuple) and dictionaries
  • Conditional execution and repetition (loops and recursion)
  • Functions and modules
  • Reading and writing files
  • Basics of object-oriented programming

Course format

Presentation of theory, demonstrations, self-study and hands-on practice.

Course material

Apart from the course manual, included in the course, the following book is used:
Allen Downey : Think Python. How to think like a computer scientist .
2nd Edition. Green Tea Press

This e-book can be freely downloaded from

From this site, also a printed copy can be ordered from O’Reilly.
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