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Intercultural Effectiveness Test

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In our world, the boundaries are blurring and more and more often we find ourselves in intercultural situations. In addition to language skills, intercultural competences are essential when you are dealing with people with different cultural backgrounds.

Academic basis

The Intercultural Effectiveness Training (IET) course is based on academic research and was developed by Dr Jan Pieter van Oudenhoven and Dr Jacomijn Hofstra of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen.

5 competences

There are 5 competences that have proven to be crucial for good intercultural relations:

  • cultural empathy
  • open-mindedness
  • social initiative
  • emotional stability
  • flexibility

The IET test helps you identify these competences, with the exception of emotional stability and flexibility. These are more deeply entrenched in a personality and therefore more difficult to test.

Multimedia programme

The IET test will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating effectively with people who have a different cultural background. This intercultural multimedia programme contains a large number of situations in which behaviour, norms and values clash due to cultural differences.

Film fragments

The fragments will focus on various social domains, such as meeting people, making friends, communication, respect for other cultures, problems in daily life, work-related problems and dealing with unexpected events. The result of the programme will be expressed in a personal intercultural effectiveness score. On the basis of this score you can decide whether you want to further develop your competences with a course.


IET focuses on effectiveness: how can you effectively handle an intercultural situation? IET does not have a normative character and provides you with a concrete tool for daily practice.

For whom?

There are 3 versions of IET:

  1. IET-1 (English taught) is aimed at people who are moving abroad or who are abroad for work or study.
  2. IET-2 (Dutch taught) is aimed at people in their own country who deal a lot with people with a different cultural background, mainly through their work.
  3. IET-A (Dutch taught) was developed in collaboration with the Oranjefonds, which sets great store by social participation. IET-A is for people with different cultural backgrounds, people whose families have lived for generations in the Netherlands and immigrants who have just settled in the Netherlands. The language is somewhat simpler than that used in the other versions.

There are sets of film fragments on the basis of IET-A, meant for different groups:

  • Education
  • Care, welfare and society
  • Community centres
  • New in the Netherlands

Ordering a test

You can order the IET test to help you identify your own intercultural competences. You can choose to take the entire test, a test that targets a specific group or a test that you design yourself.

  • If you opt for an IET course , the test is included in the fee.
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