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Corporate AcademyOnderdeel van Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Corporate Academy

Corporate Academy

Engaging intercultural teaching and learning activities

Target group Teachers and teams who are interested in active learning and the international classroom
Level ** (UTQ/BKO required)
Duration One half day session
Price €150/ pp for a half-day session
Language English
Date On demand
Study load 6 hours
Certificate You will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course
Information If you want more information or you want an appointment you can contact Jaap Mulder.

Active learning is perceived as very important at the University of Groningen (and in other Anglowestern higher education institutions): “Understanding happens through interaction”. This workshop will make lecturers aware of the effect of active learning on their teaching and learning activities and accordingly on the learning process of their (international) students. With a specific focus on how to work with diversity as a resource through constructive alignment and how to guide students without an educational background in active learning.

This workshop can help lecturers to become aware of the necessity of being explicit, their own academic culture and bias.

Learning objectives

- To recognize academic cultural differences;
- To use the characteristics and culture of international students as an added value in learning situations;
- To integrate intercultural competence in the teaching process.

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