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Teaching in English in an Intercultural Classroom

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Audience: Staff members of the University of Groningen, the UMCG and the universities of professional education in the 3 northern provincies who teach or are going to teach in English. Mininum starting level is CEFR B2.

Course Description

This practical, workshop-like course of the University of Groningen Language Centre focuses on teaching in English, with emphasis on language and in particular on interaction with students. The participants in the course will teach each other about subjects from their field, answer questions, lead discussions, et cetera. The teacher will supply classroom vocabulary and of course provide feedback on grammar, word choice and pronunciation. The differences between formal/informal and direct/indirect language use will also be discussed.

In addition to language, intercultural skills also play an important role in contact with students. Communication with students from different cultures is partly influenced by differences in expectations concerning teaching and your role as a lecturer. The course will discuss various aspects of intercultural communication by means of practical examples.

In other words, Teaching in English in an Intercultural Classroom is more than just a language course!

Contact Information

Interested? Please contact us to set up an intake interview.

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