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Diversity and Empowerment – An Introduction

Course type: lecture during the GGS Introductory event
Duration: one-hour
Audience: Recently arrived PhD students
Module information:

This introductory lecture is part of the GGS Introductory event and focuses on empowering PhD students as they start their program. We will talk about types of diversity, findings on the value of diverse teams, different leadership and communication styles, and international workplaces. The interactive lecture will help new PhD students be aware of and understand forms of diversity in their workplace, and feel empowered to play their unique role within their team.

For more information please see Introductory event GGS

Date and time:     see Introductory event GGS
Registration: see Introductory event GGS
Registration fee: none
Credits:   Credits for attending the Introductory Event GSS
Responsible Organisation: University of Groningen Graduate Schools

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