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Active Learning Toolkit

Image session for active learning
Target group Teams of lecturers who would like to apply new technologies for active learning.
Date To be arranged
Price On demand
Study load The workshop will take 4 hours , with about 2 hours of preparation time. Afterwards you are ready to apply the outcomes to your own programme.
Language English spoken
Contact Please contact our secretary for more information.

Designing different courses requires a broad variety of educational technologies. This workshop aims to offer you a toolkit of active learning methods and educational technology tools that you may integrate in your own course design.

Our starting point is to align learning outcomes with instructional methods and assessment. This way, your teaching practice will be meaningful and your assessment relevant. As we practice and experiment with various active learning methods, we keep these ground rules in mind. We then offer you an engaging range of tools and methods, such as self-evaluation, online annotation, using videoclips, interactive lecturing, and others. We will discuss where and how you could integrate active learning methods in your teaching and what consequences that would have for course design and assessment.

Freeman et al. (2014)
Freeman et al. (2014)
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