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Dutch A2/B1 > B1 for University of Groningen students, PhD's and postdocs

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Registration procedure

Please read the information on our registration procedure for these courses carefully!
You can then register online through the links in the following overview.


Please note: the starting level for the courses mentioned below is CEFR A2/B1. These are not absolute beginner's courses! Therefore, you need an advice from one of our teachers to register for these courses.

Intensity Period Day Time Registration
Regular 4 February - 19 March 2020 Tuesday and Thursday 15:00-17:00 Closed
Regular 4 February - 19 March 2020 Tuesday and Thursday 18:00-20:00 Closed
Regular 4 February - 2 June 2020 Tuesday 20:00-22:00 Closed
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Student Discount
UG students: € 0 UG PhDs' and postdocs not using the 30% tax facility: € 0
Exchange students: € 230 UG PhDs' and postdocs using the 30% tax facility: € 175

Course Content

Dutch is the language of instruction right from the start of the first lesson. The language courses concentrate on communication, and that means that the Dutch learnt is actively practised during class. The intended final level of the course is CEFR B1.

Students who already have some knowledge of Dutch at A2/B1 level, to be demonstrated with an advice card, may take a level A2/B1>B1 course. In order to receive an advice card, please attend the Dutch Office Hour or take the level A2>A2/B1 course.

Read more about how our courses are organized.

Dutch for native speakers of German

There are separate groups for German native speakers. Because German and Dutch are so similar, the material can be covered faster in a 0>A2 course (26 hours) and a follow up A2>B1 course (24 hours). Students who already have some knowledge of Dutch, to be demonstrated with an advice card, may also take a level A2>B1 course. The envisaged final level of the courses for German native speakers is CEFR B1 .

Course Intensity

The courses will be held once a week during a period of 12/13 weeks or twice a week during a period of 6/7 weeks.

In addition to the classes you take each week, you will spend the same number of hours on independent study.

Course Material

N.B.The use of the course material listed below is mandatory. The course material is not included in the course fee or covered by the University and must be purchased by the student. The course material is available at the Language Centre Secretary’s Office .

Nederlands in actie (Coutinho, 2012, 3rd edition)
B. de Boer, B. Lijmbach and M. van der Kamp
ISBN: 9789046902981
Price: € 42.95 (not included in the course fee)

N.B. You must purchase your own copy of the textbook for the Dutch courses. It is illegal to photocopy the textbook. Participants will not be allowed to proceed to the next level if they do not have their own textbook. If participants do not have their own textbook after 3 lessons, or are using a copy, they will have to leave the course. In such cases the Language Centre cancellation procedure will apply. The costs of the course will be charged in full and no reimbursements will be possible. Registration cannot be transferred to a subsequent course either.

Along with this book you will receive an individual code for a website offering complementary exercises, spoken text fragments, movies and songs. This code is linked to your e-mail address. You will need access to the website to be able to adequately participate in the course. If you purchase a book from someone else, you will not be able to use his or her personal code and thus will not have access to the website. However, the codes can be bought separately via the publisher Coutinho.


Our courses are held in the city centre unless otherwise stated.

Lesson Duration

A contact hour lasts 50 minutes (excluding break). Classes start on the hour.

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