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Strenghten your resilience!

Working from an office space, working from home and soon we will migrate back and forth between home and work. This demands a lot of resilience as we have to keep adapting to a new situation. Every modification costs energy, both physically and mentally. The trainer in this workshop will help you strengthen your resilience and provide insights on how to keep it there. The workshop is really interactive and has been rewarded with an 8.6 by the previous participants!

Contents & purpose of the workshop
Themes that will be discussed include:
• Developments which directly & indirectly influence your resilience
• Truly learn how to separate work and personal life, both physically and mentally
• Learn to utilize stress to your advantage
• Recognizing your own stress signals and know how to act accordingly
• Some specific tools, exercises and techniques to constantly work on developing and maintaining your resilience.

Our trainer likes to raise awareness on the importance of happiness on the job, respond to stress in a positive way, and finding the right balance between work, personal life and your health! He’s inspiring, motivational and sometimes confronting, but he respects your boundaries. The training can be really interactive, you get out what you put in!

At the end of the workshop you will absolutely be aware of which tools and techniques are already in your “backpack”, most people just forget to use what they already know. In order to help all participants utilize these tools and techniques and apply them in your daily lives, we offer the opportunity to join our online group for a maximum of 12 months, where experiences and inspiration are shared by the trainer as well as participants. Let’s make it happen, sign up now!

The workshops will be lead by Paul Zwama from the Instituut voor Vitaal Ondernemen (Institute for Vitality in Entrepreneurship; IVVO).

Dates and location for the workshops led by the IVVO


Thursday December 9 from 1.30pm - 5pm
Norman Building , Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 42, 9712 EL Groningen

Other information and register:

This workshop is free of costs.
There is a maximum of 15 participants.
Please register via one of the blue buttons below.

For more substantive information: Jildou Spoelstra, j.k.spoelstra, +31 (0)50 3636592.
For more practical information:

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