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Strengthen your mental resilience

Strengthen your mental resilience

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the last few months have demanded a great deal of flexibility and adjustment from us. We have seen pressure rising at home and at work, daily tasks being moved online and no longer speaking to our colleagues face to face. These changes, and changes in general, take a lot of mental energy. This is also apparent from the survey circulated by the Board of the University. Enough reason to organize a workshop to help you to strengthen your mental resilience!

Content and aim of the workshop:

Themes that will be discussed include:

  • The current developments that influence your resilience
  • Learning to really separate your work and private life, both physically and mentally
  • Learning to recognize stress and use it to your advantage
  • Identifying your own stress signals
  • Concrete tools, exercises and techniques to work on your resilience every day

Our trainer will make you more aware of work satisfaction, dealing with stress in a positive manner, finding a balance between your work and private life and handling your health. Inspiring, motivating and sometimes confrontational – but all in a lighthearted and interactive manner.

At the end of the workshop, you will go home with a number of valuable techniques to go through life with mental resilience. Everything that you nourish grows – from now on, start setting your sights on the positive things in your life.

The live workshops will be lead by Paul Zwama from the Instituut voor Vitaal Ondernemen (Institute for Vitality in Entrepreneurship; IVVO).

Dates and location for the live workshops led by the IVVO will be held on:

NED dinsdag 22 december, 9:00u - 12:00u: Norman Building, Lutkenieuwstraat 5, Groningen

NED maandag 18 januari, 9:00u - 12:00u: wordt later bekend gemaakt

ENG Monday 18 January, 1:30pm - 4:30p: will be announced later

ENG Thursday 11 February, 9:00am - 12:00pm: will be announced later

NED donderdag 11 februari, 13:30-16:30: wordt later bekend gemaakt

Other information and register:

This workshop is free of costs.
There is a maximum of 15 participants.
Please register via one of the blue buttons below.

For more substantive information: Jildou Spoelstra, j.k.spoelstra, +31 (0)50 3636592.

For more practical information:

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