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How to create a reliable link?

to e-books or journal articles, for example in Nestor

When constructing a link to a certain journal, journal article or (chapter/part of an) e-book, always link via the proxy-server. This ensures that students have access to the publication from outside the RUG – from their home address for instance – as well as from inside the RUG. This can be achieved by using the link generator .

In the link generator you add the publication’s persistent url or DOI link (Digital Object Identifier). Usually this is a different link than the URL which appears in the address bar at the time the item is on your screen.

  • Use the DOI code
    Many publishers assign a so-called Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each article. An example of a DOI is: 10.1111/ddg.12424. If you copy this code into your link, you can be sure that the link will stay operative, even if the content is moved to a different site.
    Place the following before the DOI-code: and use the link generator to create a proxy-link.
    The link will look like this:
    Please note that APA journals are not accessible via a DOI link. The RUG provides licenses for APA journals via Ebsco, which is why you should always use Ebsco’s persistent link when using APA journals.
  • Or use a persistent URL
    Other publishers assign a permanent URL to an article. Such a URL can be used in a hypertext link. It may say ‘persistent URL’, ‘permanent URL’ or ‘permalink’. By clicking on this, the URL appears which you can use. The reference to a persistent URL is sometimes located in menu ‘export’ or ‘cite’, or indicated by an icon for exit, export etc. Copy the URL and enter into the
    link generator to create a proxy-link.
  • Or refer to SmartCat
    In SmartCat, click on ‘link’ in top right menu while on the page of the article or book. In this case you refer to the description of the publication within SmartCat. You do not need to generate a proxy-link.

No persistent link available?

Persistent links are not always available. Particularly not for publications which are freely accessible on the internet. In these cases, use the URL in the address bar of your browser. You do not need to generate a proxy-link.

In Nestor: open link in new window

When the link is posted on Nestor, always choose the option ‘Open in new window’. Otherwise Nestor might give an error message when the student tries to open the link.

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