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How to log in?


Which button do I click to log in: 'UMCG' or 'University of Groningen'?


Check before your log in the list of names on the CMB-site on the UMCG intranet (Checking this from a university PC? Then login to first.)

  • Check on the CMB Intranet page if your name is on that list.
    YES, it is! -> You ALWAYS have to login via the “UMCG route”.

    o   Go to Pure (

    o   Click on the UMCG-logo

    o   Fill in Username = UMCG-email address (NOT your account name!) and use the UMCG-account password

    No, it is not: -> You ALWAYS have to login via de “RUG route”

    o   Go to Pure (

    o   Click on the University of Groningen-logo

    o   Log in with your P-nummer of the RuG and the belonging password

    -         If you tried to login once and it failed, you HAVE to close your browser completely, including all browser-windows, and TRY AGAIN.

    -         If you can't recall your P-number or the password, please call +31 50 3611111 and state clearly it is about your University of Groningen account. MIT Servicedesk will help you with the P-number and password reset.

    -         If you have to use Pure with your University of Groningen P-number, we advise to use the Firefox browser on the UMCG-pc.

Please, do not login via MyUniversity to get into PURE!

Last modified:04 June 2020 2.59 p.m.
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