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Attention! Refworks plugin for Word adjustment

to tackle existing issues with the refworks plugin in Word within the UMCG network, an update will be releases on Monday April 29th 2019

This update only changes the way you work with the plugin via WOA (

  • In WOA you already HAVE to -in every new session- install the plugin Refworks via de UMC Groningen Applicaties, béfore starting Word.
    Additionally you now also have to LOGIN to the plugin in Word with your refworks account . This login will not be saved in de WOA.
  • Nothing changes if you use a regular desktop UMCG network computer. Your login into the Refworks plugin will be locally saved.
  • If you use a different pc for the first time with your account, you will need to login to the Refworks plugin for the first time there too.
  • For questions and/or support with Refworks, please the Central medical Library via refman
Last modified:26 April 2019 11.54 a.m.
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