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Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC)

Faculty of Economics and Business
Member corporations

Why a Customer Insights Center?

Marketing managers need information on markets, (potential) clients and customer behavior (customer insights).

At the same time, academic researchers are producing research data on the very same customer related topics.

So why not bring the two together?


We translate customer data into insights

Knowledge about customers and their behaviour (customer insights) is crucial for realizing a successful marketing strategy. In reality, however, markets and customers are changing all the time.

Although customer data and information are collected often, in practice it turns out to be difficult to translate this kind of information into insights and decisions.

This is why we founded the Customer Insights Center of the University of Groningen (RUGCIC)

Its purpose is to keep developing up-to-date and relevant customer insights and sharing these insights with corporations.

Getting to the essence of customer insights requires new scientific research on practical themes such as customer behavior, purchase motives, consumer psychology, multi- and omnichannel communication strategy, social media, big data, customer data, metrics, customer intelligence, customer value, accountability, churn, loyalty, success factors of implementations, etc. We develop fact-based academic knowledge that your company can use to really make a difference.

The results of our empirical research are translated into reports and training programmes for the corporate members of our academic knowledge center.

We hope to inspire you with our customer insights!

Do you want your marketing decisions to be founded better?

What are the trends and developments concerning customer behavior in the Netherlands?

Which proven success factors can I add to our marketing projects?

How can our colleagues remain up to date in terms of marketing knowledge?

That is why we offer fact based market and customer insights

1. One strong knowledge exchange network for professionals.

2. Two seminars a year on new customer insights including implementation tips.

3. Three research reports a year full of management insights.

4. Excellent education programmes to improve your employees’ customer focus.

5. Newsflashes containing customer insights based on new knowledge.

6 The opportunity to meet top graduates (or soon-to-be graduates).

7. Added value from scientific and practice related customer insights.

Theory translated to practice

Very often, scientific publications about marketing, customers and customer behavior are not directly fit for being implemented in practice. This is why dozens of researchers at the Customer Insights Center translate the latest academic knowledge into practical insights. We provide applicable ideas, easily readable research reports, practice-orientated studies, workshops, seminars and much more.

Academic quality

The Customer Insights Center (RUGCIC) employs dozens of researchers who publish both on a national as well as on an international level about customer insights. Our knowledge center is part of the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, which has a rich tradition of innovative customer research. Academic quality is our top priority.

Distinctive strengths

The Customer Insights Center is not a commercial consultancy firm, but builds long-term relationships with our business members on a non-profit basis.

Which companies are already members of this unique network?

Check out the overview of our many current corporate members...

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