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Career Services Survey

Your opinion counts

It does! Every day Career Services tries to deliver you the best possible career services but as with everything: nothing is perfect. That means that every once in a while we like to take a moment and listen to what you, students of the University of Groningen, think of us. We think we know you pretty well, but how good do you know us? This is why we ask you to fill out the questionnaire of our annual Career Services Survey. Your input is needed for us to be able to do even better. We only ask for a few minutes of your time, but we know there should be something in return. Here is what!

Fill in the questionnaire and win prizes!

Easy as that! Last year we handed out 100 Dopper waterbottles and send out 5 of you to have a nice breakfast with the Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen. But this is a new survey with new prizes!
If you fill out our questionnaire you automatically are a candidate to win:

1st prize: A great trip for 2 to a surprise destination.
We wish we could tell you where you'd go, but we don't even know ourselves! That's the most awesome part of this prize! But no, we're certain you don't end up in a hotel in Groningen, rest assured.
Best of all: you can take somebody else with you! How cool is that? To get an idea of what you might expect, click here.

2nd prize: A seat at the careers breakfast with the Rector of the University.
You could be having breakfast with the Rector of our university! We scaled up compared to last time: 10 seats will be waiting for the lucky few who win this prize. Quite an exclusive way to start your day!

3rd prize: One of our NEXT powerbanks.
No longer will you have to endure empty batteries when you have to travel across the Netherlands back "home-home" by train! We'll make sure you'll always be supplied with enough energy for whatever comes next!

Where can you fill out the questionnaire?


Alternatively, you can log in on the student portal and click on the last tab 'Career' and then go to the Career Services survey.

Last modified:29 November 2019 4.29 p.m.