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Vianne van Dorp

LLM Dutch Corporate Law and Dutch Labour Law

Since I started studying law, our professors told us that we must excel at everything we touch. Because there are many law students and distinguishing oneself is the only way to compete with your fellows. It made me interested in different career paths and in how to define yourself.

It seems that there is always someone who manages to do it all. Someone with two bachelor’s degrees, an international model-career, good grades, and some of the best internships at the fanciest law firms one can imagine. This could make me feel insecure and small. It took me three years to accept that doing my best was enough and that choosing my career path sensibly and strategically was the only thing in my power. I also learned that, perhaps, I did not want to become a fancy lawyer. Maybe this goal I set for myself would not result in happiness. However, one thing did not change: I still had and have great interest for career paths. I just do not get insecure anymore by reading about them.

The labour market it changing and it’s not always easy to find a job. I believe that the Career Services can help students substantially. The workshops we provide are an eye-opener – even if you think you already know a lot. Most of them are free so do not waste any time and sign yourself up!

You can always drop by our office for a free CV or cover letter check. Do not forget to visit the website for more information about the workshops. I am sure that it will benefit you!

Last modified:31 October 2017 4.03 p.m.