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Siebe Rozendal

MSc Business Administration & MA Philosophy of a Specific Discipline
Siebe Rozendal
Siebe Rozendal

For many people, their job is central to their life. It may be a source of frustration, happiness, or pride. Furthermore, through our career we make most of the difference on our world. We have approximately 80,000 hours to spend how we want. Thus, our careers are important. I want to help students get a good start with their career, so they can get the most of it. For some that will mean a well-respected job, for some becoming an expert, and for some a decent salary and a good work-life balance. Our goals may differ, but everyone wants to succeed at them.

I can help students with this at Career Services, through workshops and advice on cv’s, letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Working here also helps myself: it is a great way to learn about careers, and to develop skills such as project management, coaching, and giving workshops.

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