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Sara Doolittle Llanos

MSc Marine Biology
Sara Doolittle Llanos
Sara Doolittle Llanos

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the expectations you feel others might have for your career. Everything is moving fast, jump from a Bachelor’s, spring towards your Master’s, run past your internship… and in the case of Biology (which I study) and other sciences, hop onto your PhD, and from there on! No questions asked.

These expectations can create a great - and unrealistic- pressure on students, and we all know rash decisions are not always the best. I have experienced first hand the advantages of taking a detour to find your calling, what you really love and what fulfills you as a person. There is value in taking time! And developing yourself professionally should always go hand in hand with your personal growth.

At the Career Services, my job is to make sure that your applications are in sinc with your needs, and that you can show the best version of yourself through your CVs, motivation letters, etc… Find what you are truly passionate about and tell the world!

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