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Rosanne van Bodegom

MA Archaeology, Pre- and protohistory of Northwest Europe
Rosanne van Bodegom
Rosanne van Bodegom

What is your dream job? It seemed such a simple question in our childhood. Studying at university it does not seem to have an easy answer anymore. You are past making a choice of what to study which already forced you to think about your future career. However, while we go along and our years in Groningen pass by our dreams, ideas and plans might change. There are so many possibilities yet the competition is fierce. It might be hard to think outside the box or you do not know where to look or begin.

Switching from Law to Archaeology I was quite worried what this meant for my career prospective. Thinking beyond the safe environment of university to the labour market seemed daunting already, let alone in such a small and strange field of work. The labour market is not like the one our parents used to work in. Flexible contracts, new skills and jobs and being employed by different companies is what comprises our current future. Working for 40 years for the same boss has become a rarity. While our careers are less straight-forward nowadays it also opens up a world of new experiences and possibilities. Both in big studies like Law and small studies like Archaeology there are job opportunities if only you know where to look and future employers know where to find you!

My goal for this year is to help you make preparations for your future career. What it is you want to do in life? How are you going to get there? These are of course big questions and you might not know the answers yet. But the first steps in pursuing your goals do not have to be so hard. By doing CV and LinkedIn checks, providing workshops and informing you about opportunities and knowing what you want the Career Services can help you start and develop your plans. Come by at our office sometime and we’ll have a chat!

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