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Pepijn Tielens

BSc International and European Law & BSc Philosophy of a specific discipline
Pepijn Tielens
Pepijn Tielens

In the rapidly changing society we live in nowadays, one of the few things we can be sure of is that we have choices in abundance. As a student in Groningen you are offered a wide array of options in your daily life. Whether it’s about what you will eat for dinner, where you’ll go for a drink or even a more life-changing choice: how to pave your own career path.

It is never too early to start paving your career path: apply for a job beside your study, enroll in extracurricular activities or even start your own business. By doing so you gain a lot of important skills that aren’t necessarily taught in your curriculum, such as teamwork, creativity and flexibility. Be active when it comes to the tiles of your career path! Questions like ‘What is justice?’ and ‘Does global justice exist?’ always intrigued me, so that is why I chose the bachelor Philosophy of a specific discipline as my next tile. As long as your next tile consists of something you enjoy, it will all fit in the end.

But what will your next tile be? An internship, a job next to your study, a board year or even your first job after graduation? We, at Career Services, are there to advise you on these options. Do you know which tile you want to pave, but still need a step in the right direction? Visit us at the I-shop for a free CV or cover letter check.

See you soon!

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