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Nienke van der Drift

Pre-MSc Change Management
Nienke van der Drift
Nienke van der Drift

I believe that for every student at the University of Groningen there are endless possibilities regarding their career. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming; it requires from us that we take up a more proactive and self-regulated approach. Sometimes it seems that it has almost become a requirement to tick all the boxes of an imaginary list: 1) acquire good grades, 2) participate in a committee or board (or maybe even more than one?), 3) go travelling or study abroad, 4) gain work experience, 5) do voluntary work, and 6) acquire an extensive set of social skills. Finally, there is a challenge of presenting all of this in a unique and structured way to others, while acing the STAR method in an interview or motivation letter. But what is most important?

The pitfall of ticking boxes is that you forget why you do it. I always start with asking myself: why would I apply for this job/committee/board/exchange program/voluntary work? This helps me to focus on things that I find important and give me energy. I believe that by doing the things that matter to you, you will be more inspiring to others and also better able to express yourself in an interview or motivation letter. So, I would advise, start with the ‘why’. Why do you do what you do? What’s your purpose? Then, what opportunities are there, and what competences do you need to enhance?

As a Student Pooler of Career Services, I aim to contribute to the professional development of students and their preparation for the labour market, while gaining more experience in the field of employability and coaching myself. By offering workshops, cover letter and CV checks, Career Services can help you to bring you one step closer to your career objective.

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