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Nienke Süssbauer

BA Art History & Philosophy
Nienke Süssbauer
Nienke Süssbauer

Everyone wants to find their dream job. But how do you find it? And how to get it, when you think you’ve found it? These aren’t simple questions, and there are no easy answers. Finding out what you really want to do in life is probably going to be a long journey, and there’s not a single way of doing it right.

I think most students encounter these kind of struggles during or after their studies, at least I do. I have always been fantasizing about things that I’d like to do when I’m older, but whilst getting closer to this ‘adult life’, my child dreams don’t seem realistic any longer. Nor is my study leading me towards a specific job that’s perfectly suited for me. However, there are many possibilities nowadays, of which many unknown and unexpected. The Career Services from the RUG are there to help you to find your way. We can advise you when you have questions concerning your career, or when you’re struggling to find a job. The Career Services provide help in all kinds of ways, e.g. by offering workshops, organizing interesting events and giving personal advice. So please stop by at the IShop and let me or one of my colleagues help you with your cv, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. We have free coffee and tea… Hope to see you soon!

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