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Miriam Müller

BSc Psychology
Miriam Müller
Miriam Müller

During the last years you attended University with the ultimate goal of finally getting the degree you worked so hard for. But what then? You soon have to enter the job market but at the same time you don’t really feel prepared to do so? Being faced with a lot of choices and possibilities gives us incredible freedom but can be just as equally overwhelming.

If that sounds familiar to you, the Career Services can offer important support with your transition from your student life into the job market. The workshops and events we provide aim to improve your employability so that you can distinguish yourself from others in your future job.

As an international psychology student I am motivated to help you find and prepare for your career not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. Having lived in different countries myself I know that choosing to go abroad is big step and not always easy, but for me it was a choice I never once regretted. Working for the Career Services gives me the opportunity to keep meeting and assisting a variety of people with different backgrounds while also working towards my own career as an Organisational Psychologist.

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