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Marielle Splint

Bachelor student Theology

Even though I never regretted the choice to study Theology, now that my Bachelor is coming to an end I did start to get nervous about my labor market perspectives. As with a lot of university degrees, especially in Alpha and Gamma studies, concrete jobs after one's study aren't exactly easy to find these days. I had heard of NEXT, but thought it could only benefit students of disciplines like Economics or Law for example; those students who really wanted to go to make a big career. However, I discovered that NEXT has a lot to offer for any student. Such as workshops in general skills like how to build a LinkedIn profile, how to write a good CV and cover letter, and workshops on entrepreneurial skills. Everyone entering the labor market, whatever discipline you’re in, will benefit from the information given at these workshops. I decided I wanted to work at NEXT to contribute to changing this prejudice, and to make sure the right information reaches the people who need it most.

On the first day of training as prospective student- career advisers, the trainer explained how the job market will change in the future, as will the necessary '21st century' skills. At first I was blown away: I had to be good with computers, know how to pitch myself in one minute, steady jobs would disappear so I'd have to become really flexible to my employer(s), etc. I realized it is OK to fear the future, the unknown, and all the expectations society has of us students. You just need to go step by step and trust you can in time pull it off to get to the place you're supposed to be. Even though it seems scary at first, my belief is that anyone who invests time and dedication in gaining the necessary skills eventually succeeds in finding the right job.

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