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Alexandra Marinaki

MSc Talent Development and Creativity
Alexandra Marinaki
Alexandra Marinaki

The constantly changing labour market is really challenging for students who want to gain working experience or find their dream job. It is totally normal for young people to get confused in the way, struggling with competitiveness, high expectations and undecidedness concerning career choices. However, these mishaps can become a stepping stone and lead to the adoption of a whole new perspective on career matters.

As a student of Talent Development and Creativity, I strongly believe that everyone has something special, which with the right guidance and management can be developed. Self-knowledge is the very first step to the career path, which is unique for everyone and enables us to explore and establish the right decisions.

At the Career Services, we aim to answer your career-related questions and support you in writing CVs and cover letters which will stand out. Also, we provide workshops with relevant content, to equip you with all the tools needed to be ready when the desirable vacancy appears!

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