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Career Services

Groningen Together #6

Towards an inclusive student life for International & Dutch Students

Monday 27 August 2018, 13.00 – 18.00
Het Kasteel, Melkweg 1, 9718 EP Groningen

Seminar for board members and active members of study associations, particularly the new board members for ‘18-‘19; also staff and board members of student organizations involved in international relations or student services.

After the success oft previous Seminars Groningen Together a follow-up seminar will be organized, especially for the students who will be a board member of a student organization in’18-’19. International and Dutch University students already work together in courses and classes. However, a fully inclusive student life in Groningen is lacking. How can we improve the interaction between international and Dutch students outside the classrooms? How can we create an inclusive, real “Groningen together”? Which contribution can be made by boards of the student organizations?

Previous edition: Seminar Groningen Together #3


13.00-13.30     Arrival/welcome (coffee/tea, cake)                                                                        
2nd floor

13.30-13.50:   Welcome by Kathelijne de Vrijer, student assessor ’18-‘19 and seminar chair
Opening speech by Elmer Sterken, rector magnificus University of Groningen        
Conference Room

13.50-14.15:   Key Note by Paul Bolt, head International Strategy & Relations “Groningen University through the eyes of international students”

14.15-14.40:   Key Note by Michaela Carriere, head Intercultural Competence section Language Centre “Inclusion and Exclusion - Intercultural competence as driver for effective and ethical internationalisation"

15.00-15.45:   Workshops round 1 (workshops 4 and 5 are advanced)

1. Gijs Slosser & Nout Franke (board Lugus) How to internationalize your association                                                                                            
room 1.04

2. Michaela Carriere (Language Centre) When Dutch Directness Hurts - Intercultural Competence and 6 Approaches to Polarisation            
Conference room

3. Kevin Haines (Curriculum Developer International Classroom Project) The international classroom in your programme                                          
room 1.08

4. Karen Prowse (International Welcome Centre North) Make it in the North. Career perspectives for internationals in the North                                      
room 1.09

5. Yorieke Deen (Trainer-Consultant Career Services)Best practices on improving employability in an international context                              
room 1.12

15.50-16.35:   Workshops round 2 (workshops 8, 9 and 10 are advanced)

6. Hanne Bosch & Mitchell Groen (board Chemische Binding) Internationalization 102: tackling the tough projects                                  
room 1.04

7. Michaela Carriere (Language Centre) The big picture: the language and culture policy or What else is happening in the University to enable effective internationalization                                                
Conference room

8. Konstanze Strohm, Carla Schroeder (board VIP) & Kevin Haines (Academic Coordinator EQUiiP) The informal curriculum                                                                                
room 1.08

9. Or Goldenberg a.o. (board CLIO) Mixed student boards                                  
room 1.09

10. Marjoleine Schoevers (Trainer FEB) Expectation management in our education
room 1.12

16.40-17.00:   Plenary round-up by Kathelijne de Vrijer

17.00-18.00:   Social drink

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