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Career Services

Career Services

Employability beyond job hunting

Career Services is organising a Future-proof online skills course. Improving students’ professional/employability skills before they graduate!

Career Services connects students, business, education and alumni of the university of Groningen to create an experience for students that will give them the confidence to lead and shape their tomorrow.

Businesses increasingly want to employ fresh minds – hence, students – but they also require working experience. Students, on the other hand, need to get this experience, but have few places where to acquire it before they actively join the labour market. This is where we come in. Globalization and technology advances have already permanently changed how business is done and how our work is performed, from internal communication to engaging with clients, from product development to marketing.

We are working on developing a course that will prepare students for this new labour market. Give students the opportunity to work on the skills they will need in the future today.

Our approach

What we want to offer students is the platform to learn the skills they will need while already applying those in an environment and context similar to that they will face in the future.

A platform combining online aspects, real-life cases and applied learning is the perfect combination. It prepares students to the 21st century labour market, where a lot of the communication takes place online, where groups are diverse and often work in projects with a global reach. With the videos provided in the online platform, student work on their employability: meaning the skills they will need in the future, such as project management, leadership, team dynamics, as well as how to apply and talk about such skills each and every week.

The real-life cases are developed in collaboration with companies, NGOs and other stakeholders. This ensures that the most pressing issues are the ones being tackled, while professors from the University of Groningen ensure the quality and feasibility of the solutions.

Videos and courses offering mere job hunting skills such as ‘writing a cv/motivation letter’, ‘networking’, ‘job interviews’ are abundantly available for students online. As so, we want to offer something beyond what is already there, a chance for students to develop true employability skills. Although employability can be used as a buzzword of sorts, for our approach it means having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes that make a person more likely to choose and secure occupations in which they can be satisfied and successful. In order to achieve that, our approach is to use the framework below.

How do we do it:

We allow student to focus on the following learning cycle


Learners watch video, listen to audio, review images and diagrams, watch animations and read text or short articles.


Learners work together to search for understanding, meaning and solutions or to demonstrate their learning by creating something.


Learning through conversation. All steps in a course lead to conversation throughc ommenting and social interaction.


Guiding the learner to explore, compare and critique the concepts and ideas being taught.


Enable the learner to adapt their actions to the task and use peer feedback and reflection to improve their next action.


Production enables learners to consolidate their learning by creating real outputs using their current knowledge.

You can help us!

We are looking for companies, professors and NGO's to help us support the course, create course content and let students work on their employability. If you feel you can contribute to our project, please contact us and we will get in touch with you soon!

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