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With self-knowledge you will know exactly what suits you and what does not. Self-knowledge also enables you to communicate clearly and convincingly with potential employers. If you are fully aware of who you are and where your talents and ambitions lie, you will open up more opportunities in the job market. Every year, new graduates in your field will be joining you in this job market, so it is important to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Download the factsheet
Download the factsheet

Who am I?

If you have self-knowledge, you will know that there are links between everything you have ever done and everything you will ever want to do. Thinking about these links is a good start, but writing them down is even better. You could start by writing down why you chose this particular degree programme. Ask yourself which course units or subjects interest you the most. What gives you the most energy? By identifying the similarities between your interests and your motivations, you will develop a better understanding of your personal drive.

What am I capable of?

Your capabilities go beyond what you do during your studies. We are easily tempted to summarize our capabilities in jargon that is specific to our field of expertise. But the competences and qualities you develop throughout your life are at least as important in the job market. Bringing together what you have learned from part-time jobs, placements and committee work will help you recognize where your talents lie. Try to look beyond your hard skills. Soft skills, such as the ability to cooperate, listen and plan, are just as important.

What do I want to do?

Some people hope to find work with a large, international company, while others are more attracted by the idea of small, informal businesses. You may have a general idea of the type of company that suits you, but you want to be sure. You can make things much clearer for yourself by writing down your ideas. Try making a list of the various types of jobs or companies that interest you. This will reveal which aspects they have in common, such as company size, hierarchy or formality.

You will get there eventually

It is not easy to identify the patterns that make you who you are and define your capabilities and ambitions. Although, this is often the hardest step towards finding a rewarding career, it is also the most important step. Developing self-knowledge is a process. So put your notes away and take another look at them in a few days’ time. You will get there eventually. How? You can do tests yourself, and you can always register for one of our workshops!

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