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Personal branding

The job market is more competitive than ever. One way to distinguish yourself from others is through personal branding. You will learn to consider yourself as a brand and try to associate specific qualities with your name.

Definition and method

We all associate certain things with certain brands, just as we associate different things with different people. Developing a personal brand involves trying to influence people to associate your name with certain qualities. You can do this by clearly and consistently emphasizing a small number of interests and skills that you want people to associate with you. Discovering which interests and skills will form a successful brand requires a lot of self-knowledge. Make sure you select qualities that, taken together, tell a clear, coherent and unique story.

Focus on your most important qualities

You probably have a wide range of interests, as well as various qualities and skills that could be of interest to a prospective employer. Although it is useful to have plenty of interests and qualities, having too many can also cloud your personal brand. This will make it harder for others to perceive your ambitions and determine what type of job would suit you best, which in turn will make it more difficult for these people to help you achieve what you want. If you focus on your most important qualities, interests and skills, you will help prospective employers to see exactly why they need to employ you rather than someone else.


The specific qualities that you emphasize should form a coherent whole. This will ensure that your message is logical and convincing. Make sure you highlight the qualities and skills that best match the interests at the core of your personal brand, and vice versa. Personal branding is a means of convincing others, and can be used offline as well as online. In certain offline situations you will have the opportunity to talk at length about your qualities, but in other cases you will only have time for a few sentences. When you have the opportunity, always try to emphasise why you do what you do. This will make your story more interesting and more convincing. Effective personal branding entails putting across a message that is simple, coherent, unique and persuasive.

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