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You do not necessarily have to build your career in an existing company. If you have an entrepreneurial instinct, you may want to start out on your own. That requires courage.

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A born entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is about more than simply following the course you set when you chose your degree programme. Good entrepreneurship requires a whole range of qualities and skills, and not all of them can be learned. This is why we often speak of ‘born entrepreneurs’. Successful entrepreneurs are well versed in their particular field, but they also have a strong business instinct and communication skills – they are, after all, able to promote and represent their business and attract new customers.

Difficult times

Running your own business is rewarding, but be careful not to drown in your own enthusiasm. Entrepreneurship involves irregular working hours, especially early on, and you will probably have less time for your private life. In addition, you may well be faced with periods of financial hardship. It is these difficult times that separate born entrepreneurs from the rest.

Intrinsic motivation

Born entrepreneurs never lose their burning ambition to succeed. Regardless of their results, they never lose their enthusiasm for their work. It is important to know what drives you. It may be that your drive is based purely on ambition or the hope of financial success, but your motivations may also lie closer to your heart. You may have a deep desire to be independent, or you may have identified a niche in your field that you constantly dream about. We call this intrinsic motivation. People who are intrinsically motivated are the most likely to succeed.

The first step

Are you a born entrepreneur? If you think you are, then it might be time to find out more about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Try talking to people who are running their own business; they know more about the ins and outs of it than anyone else! The Centre of Entrepreneurship is the place to find help and other entrepreneurial spirits at the University of Groningen.

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