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A LinkedIn profile is a gateway to the entire job market. You will be visible to potential employers and recruiters, but it also means that anyone who can help you on the way to a successful career, today or in the future, will know where to find you.

download the factsheet
Download the factsheet

First impressions

People form their first impression of you from your personal profile, and this is the impression that will stay with them. Make sure you give a good first impression by thinking carefully about what you use for your profile picture, headline and summary. Your profile picture and headline will be prominently displayed at the top of your LinkedIn profile page, and they will also be visible on various other pages. The first thing that most visitors will read about you is your summary. You can use the summary to say something about your interests, motivations and ambitions. Make your profile clear and precise by referring to your degree programme, experience and expertise. The first impression is created not only by your profile photo, headline and summary, but also by the coherent picture they form with the rest of your profile.

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LinkedIn enables you to promote yourself in the market, but it is also a way to build and maintain a network. The contacts you make now could be useful in the future, so don’t postpone building your LinkedIn profile until after you graduate - start today! It is quite alright to add contacts you have only met briefly, because they may well be able to help you later on in your career. You can put these contacts to work in your profile: references, collaborations and endorsements will not only make your profile more credible, but will also ensure that your profile is viewed more often - by the contacts of your contacts!

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Sharing knowledge

You can stand out in your field by joining relevant groups and actively participating in the discussions. You can also develop your profile by sharing interesting articles and links with your network. If you are careful about the type of information you share, this can also be an extension of your personal branding. But however good your profile might be, it will only work if people visit it. So once you have completed your profile and started building your network, the best step to take is to share your knowledge. This can be quite difficult, which is why we offer the ‘LinkedIn for Advanced Users’ workshop, where you can learn about knowledge-sharing on LinkedIn and much more.

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