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Be proud of yourself! You have been invited to a job interview, which means you have something that the other applicants do not. A job interview may be daunting, but if you prepare properly then you will be fine. It’s time to get a job!

download the factsheet
Download the factsheet


If you have self-knowledge you will find the job interview easier. The best answers are not the ones that are practiced beforehand, but the ones that are based on a strong mental image of your own qualities and skills. Make sure that you can convey your qualities and motivations with a convincing elevator pitch. Provide a number of examples that demonstrate your skills and qualities. You could use the STAR method to explain a skill or quality: describe the Situation, your Task, the Action you took and what the Result was. The best examples will dovetail with the prospective employer’s preferred approaches and methods. To this end, it is important to be aware, in advance, of the organization’s vision and what the position involves.

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Interview technique s

It is important to both convey professionalism and be friendly during the interview. You do this not only by answering questions, but also by asking your own questions. This demonstrates that you are critical and inquisitive. You need to know something about the organization to be able to ask intelligent questions and demonstrate your professionalism. Your professional approach is also demonstrated by the way you formulate what you say. Avoid expressing negative views about previous employers; the interviewer hears only one side of the story and may wonder whether the problem lay with you rather than the organization. Instead, focus on the positive and educational moments in your career.

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Body language

Body language has a very strong influence on the outcome of job interviews. Most interviewers can tell from their first impression whether you are suitable. Try to make a sociable impression from the moment you enter the room. This includes offering a firm handshake and making eye contact. Be aware of your posture during the interview; an upright posture demonstrates openness and self-confidence. Try spreading your arms wide and puffing out your chest at home before the interview; this will help you to maintain an erect and open posture during the interview. Take a look at Amy Cuddy’s TED talk for inspiration. Your body language is determined to a large extent by how calm or restless you feel. As for the right attire, you can download the factsheet for tips on how to dress for a job interview. Remember: you have nothing to lose. Draw confidence from the fact that you have been invited to an interview because the employer believes you have something to offer.
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