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Interview studentpooler: Fruzsina Suliman

14 January 2016

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Fruzsina Suliman and I’m a psychology student. My mom is Hungarian and my dad is Arab from Israel so I grew up in a multicultural family. I did my first bachelor studies Art Management in Hungary. When I was 23 I came to the Netherlands to study psychology because I heard many great things about the English taught psychology program in Groningen so I decided to come here.

Why did you apply for NEXT?

I’ve been thinking to continue my studies in industrial and organizational psychology so i thought that it would be a nice experience to get involved in career decisions and workability topics. Also I think Next has a great mission and vision on how to fill the gap between educational system and the labor market and that is something I definitely wanted to be part of.

You work for NEXT, but do you know for yourself what you want to do after your studies?

There were many directions I was considering, and I am still considering, but recently I have been thinking of working for policy regulations in government institutions to include the most recent psychology studies of the true human nature into how we design and structure a society or I’m thinking of working for NGOs like the UN.

Did your work for NEXT contributes to your plans for your future?

Yes it did. I had a lot of trainings to become a trainer myself which gave me a lot of insight into my own capabilities. There are many interesting projects which we are working on, like a project on entrepreneurship, organizing events and also working at the next desk in the UB helped me a lot in learning how to interact with different people.

What do you think are essential parts on your CV which will differ you from others?

I don’t think a CV differentiates you from other people but if you write it the right way it can help you get further in your future. For example your experience and the projects you're working on outside of your curriculum are what will be salient for a recruiter or an HR person.

Do you have any tips for fellow students?

Stay authentic to yourself even when it is not the typical way of doing things. If its authentic it will pay off eventually.

How do you prepare yourself for the international labor market, or if you want to stay in Holland, how do you prepare yourself for the Dutch labor market?

During working for Next I have learned that it is really important to adjust your CV and motivational letter to the country where you want to apply. Also I know that it’s very important in the Netherlands that you have extracurricular activities on your CV so from the beginning of my studies onwards I tried to do interesting things besides my studies. Furthermore, I learned about the value system, the culture and the way people interact which one another in this country, which is really different than in my home country. I learned how to adjust myself to another country and another culture which is an experience I can use in my future no matter where I am.

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