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Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Together for more healthy years
Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

Aletta Research Meet-up

When:Tu 06-11-2018
Where:University of Groningen, Zernike Campus, Duisenberg Building
Aletta Research Meet-up
Aletta Research Meet-up

Following up on our Research Meet-up of Thursday June 7, we will reunite on Tuesday November 6.

Topics for the day:
  • Health Inequality
  • Life Course Perspectives in Public Health Research
Use the opportunity to:
  • Deepen your knowledge of the specific topics during workshop/seminar
  • Share ideas and opinions on these topics from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Strengthen your network with researchers and professionals from other fields
Keynote speakers:
  • Scott Burris, Professor of Law and Public Health at Temple University; Law and public health: how law influences public health and health behaviour.
  • Ute Bültmann, Professor of Work and Health at the University of Groningen; Work in Life - work and health from a life course perspective

Besides the two keynote speeches you can look forward to a morning and afternoon session of workshop or seminar. The full programme will be announced soon.

Register for the day now to get a spot!