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Project Manager UMCG Research BV

Working environment

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and it is the biggest employer in the North of the Netherlands. A staff of over 13.000 people work in patient care and in leading medical research, focusing on healthy ageing.

The UMCG Research BV is a service provider embedded within the UMCG. We are a team of 17 people, from different backgrounds and with different nationalities, among them 13 project managers. We are enablers of excellent research toward lasting impact through connecting people, ideas, tools and resources. We offer project management support throughout the entire research support cycle, from idea development, proposal writing, grant agreement preparations, to post-award services, final reporting and dissemination support.

Project manager profile

As a project manager, you will work together with other project managers in the UMCG Research BV team and with colleagues from UMCG Research Support. You will provide hands-on support to grant applications and research projects and provide general consultancy services. You will work along the whole research support cycle, from pre-award until post-award project management.

Pre-award includes the following: identifying appropriate funding opportunities, brainstorming with the researchers, connecting partners and coordinating the consortium, advising on proposal writing, co-writing and reviewing draft proposals, drafting budgets and submitting proposals. The majority of the proposals are submitted to national, regional and European funding programs (mainly NWO, ZonMw, ERDF/SNN, Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe).

Post-award entails leading the business operations in complex and mostly international multi-stakeholder projects with the aim of realizing and optimizing deliverables. Components of this include contract negotiation and management, accounting, coordinating and drawing up reports, maintaining contacts with internal and external stakeholders, managing governance and compliance with grant conditions. .

All projects we are supporting are multidisciplinary requiring close collaboration between researchers, support staff, experts within the UMCG, grant providers and industry partners. The complexity of such projects is high considering the involvement of different stakeholders and grant requirements that need to be incorporated in the project or be implemented during project implementation. Please see the following two international projects as examples of projects you might be working on: and

General consultancy services can be anything our clients need and we can provide in the area of research support. Examples are optimisation of work flows, facilitation of working groups, process support of large evaluations, initiation of UMCG pilot projects and providing training and networking events.

Tasks of the project manager may include:

  • Proactively inform researchers about funding opportunities and encouraging partnerships for large-scale and/or interdisciplinary research programs.

  • Advise researchers on the preparation and submission of proposals or reports and the requirements in the application or project implementation process in close collaboration with all stakeholders.

  • Prepare for – and write part of – project proposals, with a specific focus on the impact, management, implementation, communication and disseminations sections.

  • Plan and coordinate the application or reporting process with all stakeholders, including management of the budget, reporting, and monitoring of progress and relevant internal and external developments.

  • Provide relevant operational and management information on request.

  • Act as a liaison between grant providers and researchers.

  • Advise on the evaluation and dissemination of project result.

  • Act as an expert point of contact in your own (to be developed) specialization area(s).

  • Ensure good transfer of knowledge and information within the team.

  • Provide training on project management related issues.

  • Provide consultancy services in the areas of your expertise.

  • Build a sustainable network within the UMCG, with relevant companies and grant providers.

  • Promote knowledge sharing, development of best practices and continuously improve our services.

What we require

We are looking for two new colleagues - one with mutiple years of working experience and one starter - to join our ambitious and service-oriented team.

Competencies and skills in:

  • Unifying leadership

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Negotiation

  • Stress and time management

  • Initiative taking

  • Organisational sensitivity

  • Communication

  • Planning, monitoring and organisation

  • Out-of-the box thinking

Education and experience:

  • Academic level of professional and intellectual ability (Master degree or PhD)

  • Good writing skills (e.g. in drafting project proposals, reports or business plans)

  • Experience in coordinating, preparing, supporting and evaluating multidisciplinary (scientific) projects

  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken

Furthermore, is it considered a plus, if you have knowledge and experiences with:

  • Regional, national and European grants

  • Consultancy and advisory services

  • Project management methods and techniques

  • Facilitation of brainstorming sessions and of co-creation

  • Training and knowledge sharing

  • Project dissemination and science communication

  • Strategy development

  • Buisness development

  • Good understanding of Dutch, both written en spoken

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