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Category 5: Gas-discharge lamps


Gas-discharge lamps do not have a filament. The gas-filled tube gives light when an electric current is passed through it. These are energy-saving bulbs, fluorescent tubes, sodium-vapour lamps and mercury lamps.


Hazard label not required.


Fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs can be tendered for collection in any form of packaging, provided they are protected from breakage. For large quantities, special packaging can be requested from Residual Waste Management. Collection of fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs can be requested through FacilityNet.

Extra information

Prevent breakage as far as possible, because broken tubes/bulbs are not recyclable and incur extra collection/processing costs.

All parts of fluorescent tubes are recycled, apart from the powder.

Ordinary light bulbs can be disposed of with residual waste.

For some time now, the purchase price of fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs has included a processing surcharge.

The NVMP foundation is responsible for collecting and processing this waste stream. Because this is only possible for bulk quantities at central locations, Residual Waste Management makes collections at the Uithof and at University locations in the city centre, and transfers the waste into NVMP containers/packaging for central collection. There is no longer a processing charge, only a charge for transport and handling.

Last modified:21 January 2016 2.41 p.m.
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