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Rangana Kalia

The Summer School Experiments in Developing Countries was an evolving experience in whole with about 30 students coming together from different parts of the world but all with complementary future goals. Interacting and learning from professors like Robert Lensink and Erwin Bulte, who are well-known and established in their fields was a great opportunity. Also, getting to know the insights from researchers who have conducted actual experiments was particularly, quite informative. The STATA sessions were also really helpful. I'm sure it was a great learning experience for every student who was a part of this summer school.

One thing that I personally liked a lot was interacting with the other students and the professors outside class. The dinners and meetings organised post the lectures were in itself a great source of acquiring knowledge as it gave all of us a comfortable atmosphere to get to know each other, know more about our backgrounds, work experiences and aspirations. It also made every student feel really welcomed and a part of something special.

I would definitely recommend the summer school to those who are passionate about development economics or behavioral economics and have a specific interest in conducting experiments.

Rangana Kalia – Shiv Nadar University, MA student

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