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Recent events

Quarterly drinks!

Thursday 5 March 2020

Every three months, YoungRUG hosts a social: the quarterly drinks! The drinks take place on Thursdays. You have the opportunity to get to know YoungRUG and what we have to offer, in an informal setting. Registration is never needed for quarterly drinks, just drop by!

On 5 March, the second edition of the quarterly drinks was organized at café Wolthoorn & Co. Many colleagues joined and the first drink was on YoungRUG!

Compliment Day

Monday 2 March 2020

YoungRUG believes appreciation is essential on the work floor and it is also highly responsible for our happiness at work. Therefore, we celebrated YoungRUG Compliment Day on 2 March 2020!

You could send in your unique compliment beforehand and on this Compliment Day, YoungRUG made sure that the compliment was delivered, including a little present, to your colleague(s). Free of charge! How perfect is that?!

New Year's Event

Monday 20 January 2020

YoungRUG organized an empowering New Year's Event to survive Blue Monday!

We started the afternoon with an interactive lecture by Dr Marieke van Vugt, where a scientific and practical perspective on mindfulness was discussed. After the lecture, together we toasted to the New Year with drinks! The event was held in Land van Kokanje.

Quarterly Drinks!

Thursday 12 December 2019

Every three months, YoungRUG hosts a social: the quarterly drinks! The drinks take place on Thursdays. You have the opportunity to get to know YoungRUG and what we have to offer, in an informal setting. Registration is never needed for quarterly drinks, just drop by!

On 12 December, the first edition of the Quarterly Drinks was organized at café de Bres! De Bres was the perfect location for the drinks, as it is located right in between Zernike and the city centre! We were happy that there was quite a good turnout for this first edition of the Quarterly Drinks!

YoungRUG on Tour goes to... the UB!

Tuesday 19 November 2019

We organized our first "YoungRUG on tour"! This type of event is planned to take place once per six months, each time at a different location of the University. At the event, we provide an exclusive look behind the scenes at an interesting but slightly mysterious UG department or building.

On 19 November, YoungRUG visited the University Library, the 'UB'! We had a tour around the building, including the large stock room in the basement - that holds 90% of the UB books - and the Special Collections department where the UB stores its most ancient treasures.

The afternoon concluded with drinks and snacks. All activities were offered to us by the UB.

Pizza & Game Night!

Wednesday 16 October 2019

After last year’s successful Game Night, YoungRUG organized YoungRUG Game Night 2.0! Before we started to play games, we had pizza together, for those who wanted to join.

After the pizza, we played different types of board games. Many games could be played in a (international) group setting. At the end of the evening, we awarded the winner with the ultimate YoungRUG gift!

We want to thank the participants who were willing to bring a board game themselves! And of course, the game night was a lot of fun!

Welcome Back! Activity and BBQ

Thursday 19 September 2019

We welcomed everyone back from their holidays and celebrated the start of the new academic year. We did this by completing a survival track At Hommes Survival & Outdoor Survivalbaan Zernike in the afternoon. In the evening, we organized a BBQ at the Zernike Campus.

YoungRUG Speed date and Meet-your-mentor event

Tuesday 28 May 2019

On 28 May we organized a ‘speed date’ and meet-your-mentor event! The aim of the day was to get to know fellow YoungRUG colleagues from different departments and faculties and/or to find a mentor. This was done through short (15 min.) speed-date conversations.

This event part of the mentor programme set up by YoungRUG in cooperation with HR. In this programme, a mentor (senior UG colleague) provides advice based on his or her own experience. During the event, our young professionals had the opportunity to meet potential mentors and after the event we informed everyone about their 'perfect match'.

YoungRUG volunteer project

February - July 2019

Members of YoungRUG worked on a project with the children of primary school De Heerdstee via Stichting Move. The foundation lets children discover which possibilities they have in their own society. In a short-term project the members of YoungRUG and the children did get to know each other's worlds.
In the beginning of May, the children were introduced to the YoungRUG memebrs for the first time. YoungRUG had prepared a class full of games to get to know each other better. Aftewards, they brainstormed about the theme 'art and culture'. The children were very enthusiastic and had many different ideas. Want to know more about these ideas, you can read about them here.

Career & Development Event

Monday 25 March 2019

YoungRUG hosted the third edition of the successful Career & Development event! This year YoungRUG offered a programme focused on leadership and the thirty-something dilemma.

YoungRUG Compliment Day

Thursday 28 February 2019

The most positive day at the University of Groningen: YoungRUG Compliment Day! YoungRUG believes appreciation is important and also highly responsible for our happiness at work. So... at YoungRUG Compliment Day a compliment team delivered hundreds of compliments at the University!

New Year's Drinks

Monday 21 January 2019

On the most depressing day of the year we learned about happiness. Colleague Bertus Jeronimus researches well-being and happiness and how it links to affect/emotion and the enviroment in which one lives and works. During this evening Jeronimus shared details of his research and some tips and tricks for a happy 2019.
It was a great start of the new year with live Traditional Irish Music!

College Tour Jouke de Vries

Wednesday 28 November 2018

We had a very interesting interview and had a good change in getting to know our very own, brand new, president of the University of Groningen Prof. Dr. Jouke de Vries. This event was at one of the city's most spectacular hotspots; DOT Groningen!

Earlier events

For events that took place before the academic year 2018-2019, please refer to our Past events.

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