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Oliver Tucha

As a professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, Oliver Tucha deals with people with neurological and psychiatric conditions. His research focuses on improving the assessment, treatment and care of these people.

Why Groningen?

Oliver Tucha
Oliver Tucha

I worked at a British university before I came to Groningen. Although I enjoyed working there, I did miss one thing: the opportunity to work with patients. It is essential for my research as a professor of Clinical Neuropsychology that I have access to patients with neurological and psychiatric conditions. Unfortunately, British universities often do not have a strong tradition of working with patients. Apart from that, I was perfectly happy there. Then one day, quite by chance, I came across a job advertisement. As I read it, I realized that it was the first job description that fitted my personal profile 100%. Although I was not actively looking for another position, I felt I had to apply.


From that moment on, everything went very quickly. I already knew Groningen by reputation from the literature. In fact, a large part of my Master’s thesis was based on a neuropsychological model that was proposed in Groningen. Shortly after I applied, I was invited for an interview. There was little time to prepare, so I just searched the internet to find out more about the current research topics and the people working at the university. It all looked promising. As soon as I arrived in Groningen, I immediately fell in love with the city and the people. It just felt right.


In the weeks before my appointment, I received a lot of support and appreciation. I found out that the facilities and opportunities in Groningen were even better than I had hoped. Any questions I had about, for example, my pension and health insurance, were quickly answered. This meant that any doubts I might have had soon disappeared. It made the decision to come to Groningen much easier.

Dynamic department

At the Department of Psychology both research and teaching are appreciated. A dynamic group of people work there, the kind of people I like to associate with. My colleagues are enthusiastic about their work, and always aspire to the highest standards. They are also nice people. I soon felt completely integrated.

Express yourself

To anyone considering coming to Groningen, I would say: Just do it! If you are still in doubt, share your worries and concerns, because the people here will listen and try to accommodate you. And if you do come to Groningen, things will almost certainly turn out alright!

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