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Wietske Degen: ‘The University of Groningen is a very broad and diverse university’

Wietske Degen

Wietske Degen works at the Center for Information Technology (CIT), a leading institute in the field of information technology that is part of the University of Groningen. In her role as liaison officer, Wietske is the link in the chain between external parties and her colleagues at CIT. And she really enjoys her job.

How did you end up at the University of Groningen?

‘I joined CIT three years ago after I was asked to apply. Before that, I was working at the UMCG as a trainee. That was fun, but I also wanted to work on other things. And since the University is a very broad university, the job at CIT seemed like an interesting opportunity.’

How would you describe your work?

‘As a liaison officer, I’m mainly involved with CIT’s external collaborations and relationships. For example, we collaborate with SURF and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). I cultivate those relationships and try to establish new ones as well. I also work one day a week with the University’s Industry Relations team, where I work on issues related to digitization. Last year, for example, I organized a meet-and-greet on that topic with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. That was in collaboration with Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Noorderpoort College.’

‘In addition to my regular job, I volunteer at YoungRUG; I’m the chair. This is a network of young support professionals at our University. We organize all kinds of events such as the career development event, networking drinks and lectures. That’s how we create a tight-knit community.’

What makes your job at CIT so much fun?

‘I work on a wide variety of topics. Digitization is an issue that affects all of the faculties, so I work with people from all kinds of different disciplines. I have a lot of meetings, not just with researchers but also with people from outside the University. They have a very different perspective regarding our University. I have a lot of freedom and autonomy.’

What is the University of Groningen like as an employer?

‘The University offers you plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. I also feel that we’re always well looked after, even during the coronavirus pandemic. I think that’s important.’

How would you describe the University of Groningen to outsiders?

‘It’s a very broad and international university, which makes it very diverse. I think that’s really unique. You really meet people from all kinds of disciplines. I recognize this in my own work because we cooperate with many different faculties and institutions. The University is involved with a lot of collaborations.’

Do you enjoy living and working in Groningen?

‘I’ve been living in the city centre for five years now. It really is a vibrant city, there’s always something to do. You can go to parties, soak up some culture, go to the theatre... It’s also an international city, so you hear all kinds of languages when you’re out and about. And there’s also a great range of shops and restaurants.’

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