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Chair of the University Council (0.5 FTE) (221303E)

Job description

Role description
The position of chair of the University Council is a role, executed by one within his or hers existing job at the university. The chair of the University Council represents the University Council of the University of Groningen and focuses thereby on facilitating and supporting the Council. The chair is the main contact person of and for the Council, and prepares and presides over its meetings. Further major tasks include, but are not limited to: the management of the finances of the Council, advising on relevant rules and regulations, monthly meetings with members of the Board of the University (CvB), maintaining regular contact with the Supervisory Board (RvT), promoting the visibility and transparency of the Council, and acting as its official representative, inter alia at academic ceremonies. The registrar of the University Council supports the chair’s work. The chair works closely with the deputy chairs on the presidium of the Council and is accountable only to the University Council.


The candidate should have, amongst other qualities, the following profile:

• preferably a Master (or higher) degree from a research university (Dutch: WO-level)
• a language level in both Dutch and English of at least C1
• an understanding of the national developments of Dutch higher education, and the Dutch Law on higher education and scientific research
• a firm and independent personality, which allows the candidate to steer meetings and discussions
• an interest for and preferably experience in participating in co-governance
• ample experience in the chairing of meetings
• the candidate should possess integrity and a sense of responsibility for the council
• the candidate should be proactive, social, communicative and skilled in building bridges, and should possess an analytical and critical way of thinking
• the candidate should be able to advise the Council on procedures and regulations related to co-governance of the university. An interest to work with rules and regulations is therefore a prerequisite
• the candidate should be flexible in their working hours during office hours to respond to ad-hoc requirements.


The University of Groningen (UG) has a University Council. This Council consists of twenty-four members: twelve elected from and by the students each year, and twelve from and by the staff every other year. A Council year runs, simultaneously with the academic year, from September until September after the elections in May. The Council members together represent the academic community in Groningen. They constitute the highest democratically elected body within the co-governance of the university. The Council is tasked with weighing the visions and interests of staff and students in the context of the objectives regarding education and research in the university, as well as policy and decision-making. In doing so, it promotes openness, publicity, and mutual consultation in the university, guards against discrimination on any grounds, and promotes equal treatment as well as the involvement of all groups from society.

The Council is authorized to discuss all matters relating to the university, and to submit proposals and make its views known about these to the Board of the University (CvB). Both the CvB and Supervisory Board (RvT) require formal advice or consent from the Council before taking certain decisions. The Council consults with the RvT at least twice a year, and meets with the CvB almost monthly. Deliberation and decision-making at the meetings are usually prepared in the standing committees on Education & Research, Governance, and Finance. Every quarter, at the Consultation of Councils, mutual consultations with members of the Faculty and Services Councils, and Local Consultative Committee take place, and every half-year a Council delegation participates in the meetings of the National Consultation University Participation (LOVUM). In addition, regularly technical consultations with divisions of the Office of the University, and working visits are organized.

For more information on the tasks, competences, working method, and composition of the University Council, please see:

The University Council is searching for a new chairperson.

Conditions of employment

• An 0.5 FTE appointment for the duration of a year with the possibility of an extension of one year. Maximum duration of the appointment is therefore two years
• Students who would want to apply for this role may (under certain conditions) apply for a grant, which will compensate study delay.

Date of commencement is 1 August 2021


You can submit your written application including a CV until 21 June 11:59pm / before 22 July 2021 Dutch local time (CET) by means of the application form (click on "Apply" below on the advertisement on the university website).

A selection of applicants will be invited to an interview with the nomination committee on 28 June 2021. This interview will be conducted in English and Dutch.

Unsolicited marketing is not appreciated.


For information you can contact:

  • Please contact, griffier.ur

Please do not use the e-mail address(es) above for applications.