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About us Working at the University of Groningen Dual-Career Support

Summary of Workshops Dual Career Support

Workshop 1: Starting a Meaningful Life Abroad

For whom? Every new expat wanting to start a professional and/or social life in the Netherlands
What to expect Information about the challenges and opportunities presented by starting a life and a career abroad. Definition of values, life roles and first actions to be taken. Individual and group exercises on the physical, social, mental and emotional dimensions that contribute to a meaningful lifestyle in a new country. Success factors for and practical tips on professional integration in the Netherlands.
Preparation No preparation needed
Results Self-definition in your new cultural environment as groundwork for succeeding in the next steps in your career. Specific first goals and actions defined.
Trainer Annette Rauh

Workshop 2: Looking into the Mirror

For whom? Participants who want to discover the added value they can bring to the Dutch labour market
What to expect Various individual and group assignments to gain more insight into your personal and professional skills and competences. Support in discovering and expressing your own added value as an expat professional. Working on a set of strengths and skills to be used in job applications.
Preparation Assignment to be prepared in advance (optional)
Results Knowledge of how your own talents, skills and professional experience can help in starting a career in the Netherlands. Ability to express your own talents and bring them to bear in job-hunting and networking.
Trainer Annette Rauh

Workshop 3: New Perspectives on My Way into the Labour Market

For whom Participants who want to be able to make a clear and well-focused career pitch and at the same time have a clear understanding of how the Dutch labour market works.
What to expect In the first part of the workshop you will work on designing a clear career pitch based on your true ambition, together with other participants. In the second part we will focus on how to conduct a personal labour market orientation based on the outcomes of your pitch. Later on, you can expect to cover the following subjects: What do employers require? Which industries, themes and company cultures fit you? How can you contribute? (projects, jobs, internships, volunteer work, etc.)
Preparation Assignment to be prepared in advance (optional)
Results You will have produced a strong basis for a good pitch, based on your ambition, talent, skills and professional experience, which you can use in all your written and personal presentations. Knowledge of how the Dutch labour market works , so you know how to approach it effectively in your own way.
Trainer Fransis Bosch

Workshop 4: Do’s And Don’ts of Applying for a Job

For whom Participants who want to learn how to effectively and successfully apply for a job in the Dutch labour market.
What to expect Before starting: analysing job vacancies – very important if you want to submit a strong application! Later on we will also look at the following subjects: your covering letter; the AIDA Method; classic CVs; networking; other types of CVs, and when to use which one. And of course we will teach you how to stand out in a job interview. This workshop will be very interactive!
Preparation We will ask you to bring your most recent CV and a covering letter you have written.
Results You will have learned how to successfully present yourself and how to make best use of your hard and soft skills in order to stand out in written applications and job interviews.
Trainer Fransis Bosch

Workshop 5 Networking Works!

For whom? Participants with a clear and defined immediate career goal
What to expect Information on networking in the Netherlands. Tips and tricks on how to use networking to find a paid or voluntary job or to start a business. Do’s and don’ts of networking in Dutch business culture.
Preparation CV, immediate career goal, today’s elevator pitch
Results Knowledge about online and offline networking strategies. Overview of your professional network. Basic networking and communication skills in the context of Dutch business culture.
Trainer Annette Rauh

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