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Ethical Committee 2: Medical Ethical Committee

The Medical Ethical Committee (in Dutch: Medisch Ethische Toetsingsingscommissie or METc) of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) evaluates protocols for scientific research involving human beings. Such evaluation was given a legal context when on 1 December 1999, the Law on Medical Scientific Research involving Human Beings (WMO) took effect. The METc is authorized to evaluate research that is conducted by the UMCG.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the University of Groningen (IACUC-RuG) evaluates the ethical aspects of projects which involve animal experiments. According to the Law on Animal Experiments, research or education projects involving laboratory animals may only be conducted if approved by an IACUC-RuG. The IACUC-RuG reviews the research plan and decides whether the importance of an animal experiment outweighs the discomfort inflicted upon the laboratory animals involved.

The IACUC-Rug consists of experts in the fields of animal experiments, alternatives to animal experiments, laboratory animals and their protection, and ethical evaluation. The chairperson of the committee and at least two other members are not employed by the RuG; in addition, at least two members are not involved in the conducting of animal experiments.

The judgement of the IACUC-Rug is guided by viewpoints that it has set forth, regarding choice of animal species, codes of discomfort, education, and field experiments. Furthermore, the IACUC-RuG abides by the generally applicable viewpoints from the Code of Practice pertaining to several subjects.

The committee assembles once a month. You can find the final dates for the reception of applications and correspondence here. In between these dates, a small sub-commission of the IACUC-RuG can deal with the following subjects:

  • prolongation of a project
  • research complementary to a running project with a predetermined protocol and involving small or modest discomfort
  • new project with small discomfort (see codes of discomfort page)
  • correspondence regarding a project
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