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Minor innovation and entrepreneurship | deadline approaching!

16 June 2016
Minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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Ambitious and intensive minor program for students of:

  • BSc. Business Administration (profile B&M or TM)
  • BSc. Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Exchange students of the faculty of Economics & Business

Why choose this minor?

Due to globalization and the increasing uncertainty about technology and market developments, companies have no other choice than to innovate in order to survive in the long term. As a consequence, innovation has become one of the key strategic tasks facing organizations of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

Innovative entrepreneurs, whether setting up new companies or in the context of larger, established firms, are needed to recognize new opportunities. They are also needed to challenge the existing order of businesses, by meeting (societal) needs that have not been fulfilled yet.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship involves people, opportunities, and often (knowledge intensive) new technologies. It is about creating sustainable economic value, by combining resources into products and services that customers are willing to pay for. At the same time, it also has to do with networks, creativity, and perseverance.

There are many good reasons to choose this minor. You may want to know more about the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the development of new markets or new businesses in existing markets. You may want to prepare for a MSc. (or PhD.) in innovation and entrepreneurship. Or you may want to assess the feasibility of your own business idea, and develop a business plan for your own company.

In any case, if you feel your personal development and future career will benefit from innovative and entrepreneurial competencies, the minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the right choice for you!

What will you learn?

The minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship will provide you with insights in the process of new venture creation, from both a theoretical and practical point of view. To that end, the minor will focus on a number of core themes, for example: how to create, discover and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, and how to develop a fitting business model for that opportunity.

In the minor, you will also discuss some special forms of entrepreneurship, like high tech entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and service-based entrepreneurship. Furthermore, you will discuss how knowledge is protected or shared openly, how relations are developed in the network of value creation, and how this leads to new ventures.  

Eventually, you will learn core concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship, based on state-of-the-art academic and practice-oriented literature. Also, you will be able to apply these concepts to realistic business cases. And finally, you will understand the elements of the entrepreneurial process, and will be able to adapt them to a variety of business contexts (for example the focus areas of the University of Groningen: energy, healthy aging, and sustainability.)

What does the program look like?

The minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business, in collaboration with the University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship (UGCE).

The program is compiled out of 4 courses (each 5 EC) on theory, methods and techniques of innovation and entrepreneurship, and a project course of 10 EC. In the project course, you will develop an academically well-founded solution to a practical business development challenge. The source of this challenge could be your own entrepreneurial idea, but also an opportunity, delivered by an existing company.

You can find an overview of the program below.


Course name





Semester 1a

Entrepreneurial marketing





Entrepreneurship B&M/ TM





Technology-based offerings





Semester 1b

Innovation management B&M





Project Innovation & Entrepreneurship





Who can participate?

The minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship is offered to a limited number of students of the BSc. Business Administration (profile B&M or TM) and BSc. Industrial Engineering & Management, who completed their propaedeutics. From the academic year 2016-2017, the minor will also be open to exchange students of the faculty of Economics & Business (FEB).

Students of the BSc. Business Administration can only take the full minor program of 30 EC. Exchange students of FEB and students of the BSc. Industrial Engineering & Management have to take a minimum program of 20 EC, consisting of the courses Entrepreneurial marketing, Technology-based offerings (semester 1a, 10 EC), and Project Innovation & Entrepreneurship (semester 1b, 10 EC). The 20 EC of this minimum program can partly be covered via the optional modules in the IEM curriculum.

How to apply?

Final selection for the minor is based on a letter of motivation (including resume), which needs to be submitted to the coordinator of the minor on July 1st of the academic year, prior to the academic year in which you want to do the minor, at the latest. After being selected for the minor, you will be automatically enrolled for the relevant courses of the minor in Progress.

More information?

Please contact the coordinator of the minor, Drs Frank Streefland.

Minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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