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Business Challenges

FEB Careers Company collaborates with a variety of (corporate) organisations to offer students the possibility to take part in diverse Business Challenges. In these challenges you will work in multidisciplinary groups of 3rd year selected bachelor and master students on a business case, for a seven week period. At the end, the groups will have the opportunity to present their ideas and solutions to the company in a group session, and the winning group will be announced (and awarded a grand prize of course)! Business Challenges are a great opportunity for students to acquire strategic experience, leadership skills and team building skills, and a great opportunity for companies to meet the fresh minds of our brightest students.

"Projects like these show students how to prioritize and on top of that enable them to utilize their technical knowledge and presentation skills."

Matej Ribansky, participant in the Royal Kentalis Business Challenge 2017

Business Challenge 2018: sign up and info

Previous challenges

Recently, FEB students have worked on Business Challenges with the Dutch Military, Kentalis, the Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center and Shell. All of the organisations were very happy with the outcome and students really appreciated the practical experience of working with clients and other stakeholders. To give you an idea of the issues which were addressed in former Business Challenges:


Shell 2017

Participate in the Shell Business Challenge and get an exclusive insight into the energy industry by performing 6 weeks of part time research for Shell. Manage your own portfolio and aim to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. You will...

  • Get on-hands coaching from Shell professionals
  • Be guided by FEB-professors
  • Receive a special certificate on completion
  • Get a unique opportunity to boost their CV
  • Be able to win an unique site visit at a large Shell production facility

Kentalis 2016 & 2017

In February of 2016 and 2017, a Business Challenge focused on Royal Kentalis: a nationwide care and education organisation with over a hundred locations, approximately 28,500 pupils, clients and patients and 5,000 staff members throughout the Netherlands.

In 2016, issues such as healthcare & education and real estate management all came together during an consulting project to develop new strategies caused by changed regulations. The winning team advised the organisation to implement organisational flexibility, pro-activity and trend analysis (also read: 'FEB students advise Kentalis: more flexibility in health care').

In 2017, the challenge was about market dynamics in the Dutch healthcare and education sector. The case concerned designing a framework to develop future Public Private Partnerships of chain partners and the organisation. Key aspects of the challenge were:

  • Organisation design, growth and culture
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Governance models
  • Leadership and co-creatorship

Dutch Military

The organisation struggled with recruiting, selecting and supporting highly educated reservists. FEB students from different disciplines in Business & Economics were asked to draw up a plan to deal with that. In an earlier edition of the Military Business Challenge, solutions were found for closing the gap between operational organisation in peace- and in operating time.

Shell and NAM

For Shell and NAM, Students drafted their own valuation model, including political and commercial risks, for projects in the oil and gas industry. Read more: 'Companies ánd students benefit from successful Shell business challenge'.

"I was very impressed by the quality of the students and by the ideas and concepts they had developed. It was inspiring to see with how much energy and ambition they worked together and that they were thus able to achieve exceptional results." - Kees Nieuwenkamp, NAM

The Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre (SRRC)

The SRRC requested the help of FEB students in positioning itself as a tourist attraction and in creating ways to increase (visitor) revenues. Read more about this Business Challenge in this article: 'Feb students ideas: turn 'Pieterburen' into more than a seal sanctuary'.

One of the participating students told us after 'the Seal challenge': " It was very valuable to bring theories into practice, to work together to accomplish that and in the meanwhile really boost my CV!"

A student's experience

Matej Ribansky participated in the Royal Kentalis Business Challenge 2017:

What added value did participating in a Business Challenge bring you?

"It was my first experience with a project work from an industry like this. The Business Challenge greatly increased my ability to work in a multicultural team, enhanced my analytical skills and enabled me to acquire knowledge about the education and healthcare provided to the pupils with speech and hearing impairments."

How did participating in such extra-curricular activities help you prepare for post-MSc life?

"I believe this unique opportunity taught me how to ask better questions, which in any kind of job is of a vital importance. Moreover, this project incentivizes students to be able to meet various deadlines while requiring them to prepare for each of the meetings with project partners to get the biggest competitive advantage over other competing teams. I would say, projects like these show students how to prioritize and on top of that enable them to utilize their technical knowledge and presentation skills."

What did you learn that you wouldn't have if you hadn't participated?

"Invaluable knowledge about the lives of impaired people and the difficulties they face in their everyday lives. Not only have I enhanced job skills needed for my future career, but I have gained a better understanding of how important Royal Dutch Kentalis is for the development of a prosperous and tolerant society in the Netherlands and beyond. I highly recommend participating in this project to any student."

More information

For more information, please keep an eye on the Student Portal or send us an e-mail via careerscompany.feb

The video below was made for potential clients for Business Challenges, but will also give you as a student more insight in the concept!

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