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Teaching innovation in STEM* Education

Oksana Kavatsyuk

* STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

This Community should become a missing link between STEM teachers and educational professionals. We hope to create opportunities for collaboration, an environment to share knowledge and stimulate better quality of education for all students. In our technological era STEM professions play an important role. However, many STEM teachers find it difficult to teach their courses full of content and skills and in the same time think about inclusiveness, diversity and equality in their classroom. STEM courses require often more specific tools than other courses: blackboard/whiteboard, hands-on tutorials, practicals in the lab etc. At our University we have already great examples of innovation in teaching: Project-base learning in courses and programmes that build upon it; teachers using flipped-classroom strategies and active learning tools.

These themes will be ‘mutually reinforcing’, meaning that while each Community of Practice will focus primarily on its assigned theme, it will also take into account the themes of the other Communities of Practice. Members of one community will cross-reference with members of the other communities in order to ensure a consistent approach across the communities.

Let’s share the knowledge and collaborate! We can help each other!

Last modified:20 April 2022 11.28 a.m.
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