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Mercator building

There is currently one Active Learning Classroom in the Mercator Building. It is located on the ground floor. A second ALC is currently being built (the Greenhouse).

decorative image
Location of the Mercator Building
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Layout of classroom 5415.0013


Maximum 36 students


  • 2x LCD screen large, fixed
  • 18x high tables, movable
  • 36x high chairs
  • Whiteboards, fixed
  • Desk


  • Airtame
  • Poly Studio Video Bar
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LSRS score



  • Medium daylight
  • Wheelchair accessible

Book this room

Contact the timetable office of the faculty. FEB, FSS, and FSE schedule education in Syllabus Plus. The halls are then divided among themselves by the schedule makers.

Deadlines for semester 1:

  • Submitting information: March 1st
  • Registering education in Syllabus: 1 March - 1 April
  • Distribution of rooms: April 1

Deadlines for semester 2:

  • Delivery information: May 1
  • Registering education in Syllabus: 1 May - 1 October
  • Distribution of rooms: 1 October
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