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Institutional Audit for Quality Assurance

Every six years the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of all Dutch universities: the Institutional Audit for Quality Assurance (Institutional Audit). The University of Groningen will be assessed at March 7 and 8 and April 10, 11, 12, 2019. The panel will meet staff and students from the organisation. All students and staff can be invited for these meetings. If you participate, you will be informed in time. The Board will regularly inform staff and students about the progress of the process.

What does the NVAO assess?

The key question during this assessment is: Can the institution safeguard the realisation of its vision of good education, and is the institution continuously working on development and improvement?

The key question will be answered by four connected sub-questions:

  1. Are the institution’s vision and policy concerning the quality of the education it provides widely supported and sufficiently coordinated, both externally and internally?
  2. How does the institution realise this vision of quality?
  3. How does the institution monitor that its vision of quality is realised?
  4. How does the institution work on improvement?
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