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Advisory and support committees

The University Council is supported by three standing committees to provide advice and assistance, chaired by the Presidium.

  • Teaching and Research
  • Administration
  • Resources

Composition of the Standing Committees

Administration Committee

Committee Education & Research Committee Resources
M.C. (Tim) Huiskes, chair M.C. (Tim) Huiskes, chair M.C. (Tim) Huiskes, chair
R.J. (Rolien) Bakhuijsen, secretary N.L. (Nina) Folgerts, secretary M.A. (Mary-Ann) Boer-Olinga, secretary
Staff Party (PF) Staff Party (PF) Staff Party (PF)
G.J. (Gert Jan) Bokdam B.A.A. (Bart) Beijer B.A.A. (Bart) Beijer
B.A.A. (Bart) Beijer C.J. (Casper) Albers C.J. (Casper) Albers
S.N. (Sanne) Ponsioen A.H.M. (Toon) de Baets S.N. (Sanne) Ponsioen
O. (Olaf) Scholten R. (Rieza) Aprianto O. (Olaf) Scholten
D.M.E. (Dinie) Bouwman N. (Nienke) de Deugd D.M.E. (Dinie) Bouwman
Science faction Science faction Science faction
N. (Nicolai) Petkov N. (Nicolai) Petkov N. (Nicolai) Petkov
L.W. (Laurence) Gormley L.W. (Laurence) Gormley
Student Organization Groningen (SOG) List Calimero List Calimero
Student Organization Groningen (SOG)

Student Organization Groningen (SOG)

List Student Acknowledged (STERK) List Student Acknowledged (STERK)
List Student Acknowledged (STERK)
Board of the University Board of the University
S. (Sibrand) Poppema, voorzitter Board of the University J. (Jan) de Jeu, vice-voorzitter
student assessor E. (Elmer) Sterken, rector magnificus student assessor
student assessor

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