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Elected candidates

Announcement no. 5

The Central Voting Office of the University of Groningen announces:

  1. that in the overview here below, you can find the names of the student candidates who have been elected for the Faculty Councils and the University Council;
  2. that any student of the University community has the right to lodge an objection to the election results with the Board of the University, PO Box 72, 9700 AB Groningen until 24 June 2020;
  3. that a record of the election results is available on the UG webpage from Wednesday 17 June 2020.

Groningen, 17 June 2020 The Central Electoral Committee, ABJZ/CSB on behalf of the Committee: I. Feenstra LLM (secretary)

Investigation into WebElect security

On the afternoon of Tuesday 16 June, the UG was informed that university magazine Folia is investigating allegations into inadequate security concerning elections application WebElect.

The Central Voting Office has contacted WebElect directly to inquire about the issue and to begin an investigation. WebElect has indicated that they have not detected any irregularities in voting behaviour in their logs (such as extreme peaks) that give reason for concern in terms of the University Council election results being affected. The results of the elections are in line with those of previous years: a declining voter turnout that might be explained by the coronavirus measures, no large variations in seat distribution in the faculty councils and the University Council, the journalist’s statement that he did not submit any votes himself and no unusual results due to preferential voting. This means that the Central Voting Office does not see any reason to declare the elections invalid. Of course, we are remaining in contact with WebElect and are awaiting their further investigation.

It had already been agreed with the University Council that after these elections, an evaluation of the extension to the contract with WebElect would be held. For the Central Voting Office, it is of primary importance that the elections are held in a trustworthy fashion and that the outcomes are reliable.

Faculty Councils

O&O Council Faculty of Medical Sciences
  1. C.L. Garnier
  2. N.C. van der Horst
  3. A. van Beek
  4. S.A.C. Konter
  5. F. Mosa
  6. R.G.A. Duijn
  7. L.M. Klein
Faculty Council Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Student delegation GGW
  1. Oihane Iglesias Telleria
  2. Carolien de Jong
  3. Iris de Kanter
  4. Sara Kuijper
  5. Job Raedts
Faculty Council Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Pro Geo
  1. Nigel Onwuachu
  2. Anthony Simpatico
  3. Fleur Bogema
  4. Bart Folgerts
  5. Martijn Hoekstra
Faculty Council Faculty of Law
Ten Behoeve van Rechtenstudenten - TBR
  1. Soner Korucu
  2. Martijn Kok
  3. Nienke Broek
  4. Demi Altena
  5. Freddy Searson
  6. Vera Pethke
Progressief Rechten en De Vrije Student
  1. N. Blaauw
  2. D.R. Gerding
  3. D.J. Meijer
Faculty Council Faculty of Science and Engineering
List FSE
  1. D. Dziura
  2. J.S. Mulder
  3. B.J. Frons
  4. Mauricia Mindy
  5. A.R. El Kharbotly
  6. R.N. Vuciadu
  7. J.C. de Bruijn
  8. Teus van der Zwaag
  9. T.R.J. Fortuin
Faculty Council Faculty of Arts
DAG Arts
  1. C.A. Groth
  2. I.C. Radoi-Ditescu
Letteren Vooruit
  1. Milou Pieterse
  2. Jessica Garley
  3. Midas Bosman
  4. Tessa Klimp
  5. Leon van der Deure
  6. Asmita Ray
The Independent Student - Arts
  1. C.C.M. van Verseveld
Faculty Council Economics and Business
The Independent Student
  1. M. Hatzmann
  2. K.S. Garrido Tenorio
Student Collective Economics & Business
  1. Marije van der Meer
  2. Thomas van Zundert
  3. Charlotte van Wijngaarden
  4. Daniël Vuyk
  5. Ashish Yadav
  6. Maarten Kempenaar
  7. Eva Mikes
Faculty Council Behavioural and Social Sciences
  1. Bart Kranenborg
  2. Berend Hopman
  3. Maaike van Bockhooven
  4. Noëlle Assen
  5. Annerens Hoekstra
  6. Ligia Rosenstein Silva
  1. Carlos Bocca
  2. Leonard Mussler
  3. Arnold Stein
Faculty Council Philosophy
List Philosophy Students
  1. B.D. Schift
  2. M.W.J. Luijks
  3. J. Janssen
  4. M. Neelis
  5. H.G.J. Hofte
Faculty Council Campus Fryslân
Students Campus Fryslân
  1. L.A.H. Al Najar
  2. S. Walsh
  3. M. Eisenbart
Faculty Council University College Groningen
Student Section UCG
  1. N.S. Rodriguez Neufeld
  2. M.A.S. Wesseling
  3. N.G. Dawson

University Council

Student Organization Groningen - SOG
  1. Christopher de Bruijn
  2. Lotte Karsten
  3. Hannah Jelkmann
  4. Femke de Ruiter
  5. Jordy Ossendrijver
Lijst Calimero
  1. Naila Loudini
  2. Rozemarijn Gierkink
  3. Freddy Cawthorne-Nugent
  4. Eoin Raftery
  5. Lisa van der Panne
Democratic AcademyGroningen (DAG)
  1. I.A. Kussmaul
The Independent Student
  1. D.J. Meijer
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