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University elections during Corona

Online because you have to, voting because it's possible!

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the elections for the student section of the University Council and faculty councils are going ahead as usual. From 8 to 12 June 2020, the elections will take place online. Through these elections, the student members of the UG consultative participation councils will be chosen. In these councils, students and staff members have the right to jointly decide on the policy of our University. Consultative participation ensures that better decisions can be made, with greater support.

As a student, you can either nominate yourself as a candidate for the consultative participation councils of the University (passive voting rights) or place a vote for another candidate (active voting rights). By voting, you can exert your influence on, for example, the budget, future plans and student provisions of the UG.

On this page, you can find more information about the elections, including an explanation of the different consultative participation councils within the UG.

Participating parties and candidates

On 25 May 2020, the candidates taking part in the elections were announced. If you would like to know which parties are involved, as well as which candidate you can vote for, download the candidate list in PDF.

University council

Both staff members and students participate in the University Council. The University Council gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board of the University and joins the decision-making process regarding important topics. This mostly concerns topics that affect students and staff members directly, such as the quality of teaching, the budget, new buildings and sustainability. To allow the perspectives of students and staff members to be heard, the University Council meets with the Board of the University regularly and decisions may only be made with the approval of the Council.

In 2020, only the elections for the student section of the University Council will take place. The following parties are running for the upcoming University Council elections.

Read the interviews with the candidates of the student factions.

But what does the university council do?

RUG students get to vote for a new university council in June. But what does the university council even do?

(credits Universiteitskrant / Lidian Boelens)

Faculty councils

After the University Council, the faculty councils are the highest consultative participation organs within the University. They play an intermediary role between the various parts of each faculty. These councils have the right of approval and the right to issue advice regarding all sorts of topics within the faculties. In addition, these councils act as representatives of students and staff members within their respective faculties and as sounding boards for their respective faculty board.

In 2020, only the elections for the student section of the faculty councils will take place.

Electoral compass of the UKrant

Voter anxiety? Fill out the electoral compass of the UKrant!

Information about participation

For more information, see the webpage about the University elections.

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