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Regulations & Application forms

Regulations that apply to the Central Executive Board for Student Organizations

You can find the regulations for Campaign Subsidy in Chapter 1: CUOS-regulations.

Other Regulations

Regulations Board Grant (Graduation Fund)

The most recent version of the Graduation Fund Regulations can be found below. The University of Groningen Graduation Fund Regulations are divided into six sections. This means that you only need to read the section that applies to you. The tasks of CUOS cover most of part B of the regulation. For questions concerning the payment of committee grants, you can email the University Funds Committee through ufc

Application forms - Graduation fund

Application forms - Activities subsidy and Housing

The UG strives to facilitate its students not only with education and research, but also through participation in extracurricular activities and active participation within an organisation. Therefore, certain organisations can apply for Activity Grants and/or Housing with the CUOS. The Activity Grants and Housing are granted directly by CUOS, on behalf of the Executive Board of the University.
Activity Grants and Housing are granted for the period of 1 year. They have a combined application procedure. It is possible to apply for only Activity Grants or only Housing. The grant has a supplementary character, and as such cannot be granted if the organization is able to provide the necessary funds on its own.

Application form - Internationalisation and Inclusion subsidy (IIS)

There are two types of Internationalization Grant: Formation Grant International Organization and Internationalization and Inclusion Grant. Those two grants have two different purposes and are further explained below.

New associations: Formation Grant International Organization (OIS)

OIS is intended to encourage international students to form student organizations. This grant is therefore related to the establishment of international student organizations. An application for this grant can be admitted throughout the year.

Existing associations: Internationalization and Inclusion Grant (IIS)

IIS is intended to facilitate the membership of international students in existing student organizations in Groningen and by doing so foster an inclusive university community. The deadline for this grant is on March 31st.

To apply for any of these grants, forms OIS or IIS need to be filled in. In those forms you will be asked for specific information about the association, and some more specific questions regarding members, the artikels of the Association (statutes), activities and finances. At the end of the form is a list of all the documents that need to be submitted to submit the application completely. Here the exact formatting of the names of the documents is also explained.

Application form - Formation Grant International Organizations (OIS)

Application form - Campaign grant

An important part of the university is the university council. For the student parties there are election every year. Since 2013-2014 the candidate student factions which are running for the university council and are enrolled at the Central Electoral Committee can apply for a specific campaign subsidy. The campaign subsidy is a subsidy specific for the campagin, it can be used for this purpose only. The CUOS checks the necessity for the financial support in relation to the party’s financial resources. After the campaign the CUOS verifies whether the supported factions used the subsidy for the right purpose: the campaign. Therefore the candidate factions have to send a clear report and a settlement after the campaign.

Application form - WBTR subsidy

The purpose of this subsidy is to support student organizations affiliated with the RUG with financial resources for a change in statutes that is required due to the new Law on Management and Supervision of Legal Entities (WBTR). The University of Groningen wants to make a financial contribution to student organizations that have a financial need to help to realize an amendment to the statutes.

IMPORTANT: The application deadline has been changed from the 31st of March to the 30th of April 2023. For the most recent regulations for this subsidy, click here.

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